About the Brand

Since our humble beginnings in 2005, we've created chocolate products
that we've madly fallen in love with - that we'll fight for, and eat all day,
alone or together, with our bare hands, hungry or not, anywhere, 
and even before bedtime.

We use superlative ingredients with passon and TLC (while humming
Celine Dion's I Can't Live Without You. Yes, we listen to cheesy love
songs while making/packing/delivering that chocolate you might be
holding right now. We figured cheesy love songs set the perfect mood).

Dutché Chocolates are made with real cacao from the Philippines, which is one of
the best in the world, making our chocolate products achieve that full-bodied taste
and  consistency. Sourcing a cheaper but low-quality cacao from other coutries
is something we simply don't want. (Btw, have you tried the Dutché Premium
or Beglian Fondue? It's the best!) 

Here at Valmarce we love what we do - especially the product-tasting part!
We are nice and fun people with a serious mission to bring you exeptional products.
And make you fall in love with them as much as we do. Each time you get a Dutché
chocolate, you're not only getting a product, but a TLC from us as well. So the next time
you get a Dutché Chocolate Spread or a Dutché chocolate bar, imagine us giving you
a big fat group hug!

Brand Status

The Company came up to an idea of a retail line that will cater to the ever-growing demand of Filipinos for daily consumption of chocolate. These paved the way for the birth of the brand “Dutche”.



Our Success

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